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With limited resources available to improve transportation systems, transportation planning is crucial for the best allocation of those resources to meet existing and future transportation demand. Sound, in-depth planning is the foundation upon which LSC has built its total transportation planning, engineering, operations, and management capabilities. Based on the senior staff's extensive and diverse background, a multimodal perspective is applied to each project, providing effective and often innovative methods for assuring public and private participation and support.

We are proud of our ability to help communities make the most of the existing transportation system by solving specific technical problems and by recommending system-wide plans of action. We rely on our staff's specialties in traffic engineering, computer modeling, financial analysis, land use analysis, and systems operations and management. LSC has provided services to public and private clients both as prime consultant and as transportation specialists on a general planning team.

Our focus is on the specific transportation planning needs of small and medium-sized communities. As a small firm, we are able to provide a high level of service for these communities. We have extensive computer modeling and geographic information system capabilities. Our senior staff offer significant experience in modeling of transportation systems and estimation of transportation demand.

In addition to community-wide transportation plans, we have worked with institutions such as universities, resorts, and major medical facilities to develop campus transportation plans which meet the unique multi-modal transportation requirements of these facilities.


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