Pedestrian/Bicycle Planning and Design


Sustainable transportation systems must incorporate facilities for pedestrians and bicyclists. Whatever primary mode of transportation is used for a trip, the traveler almost always must complete one or both ends of the trip as a pedestrian. Transit passengers must travel to and from the transit stop or station as a pedestrian. Facilities which provide a convenient and safe pedestrian environment do much to enhance other modes of transportation. Well-designed pedestrian and bicycle facilities can also reduce the amount of vehicle traffic by providing a viable option. Often people will use an auto to complete a trip only because they do not feel comfortable or safe as a pedestrian. In many auto-oriented corridors, pedestrian travel is by a long path that serves to discourage walking.

LSC has completed pedestrian and bicycle facility plans to sup-port walking and bicycling as modes of transportation. We have developed recommendations for pedestrian facilities to enhance transit services. We have the capability to complete detailed inventories of existing facilities and to recommend improvements to create a pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment. We have also provided facility planning and design guidelines for communities to use in directing the development of pedestrian and bicycle transportation systems.


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